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Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Consultant


There are many reasons to bring a consultant onto your team or project, but here are our top reasons for hiring an outside expert.

Consultants have the right expertise.

Stepping in with a track record of success, a consultant’s knowledge delivers confidence to teams. Many of our clients chose us because of our proficiency across many fields and industries, a lustrous advantage to any project.

Consultants can help identify problems.

Albert Einstein once said, “The formulation of the problem is often more essential than its solution.” If an employee is too close to a problem within their organization, it can be difficult for them to identify it. Considering the importance of accurately determining a problem, hiring an outside resource to provide a fresh perspective can be highly beneficial.

Consultants can supplement the staff.

There are many reasons why a company might want to hire consultants to supplement staff, but the main reason is to save money. While consultant fees can sometimes be higher than an employee salary, the company isn’t required to pay benefits to a consultant. In the long-term, hiring consultants pays off (sometimes thousands of dollars a week!).

Consultants can act as a catalyst for change.

Although it can be uncomfortable (and even frightening), change is often needed. Consultants can bring a plan to implement change using proven tactics and expertise. They can also help companies identify the state of their organizational health and introduce a refreshing, proactive culture.

Consultants can provide (much-needed) objectivity.

A good consultant can provide neutral expertise. The benefit to the company is that a consultant has the ability to step in with a fresh perspective, shake things up a bit, and manage expectations as new strategic priorities and initiatives are rolled out to achieve operational goals.

Consultants can educate and guide.

With mounds of ever-developing information in any field of expertise, consultants are often hired to share their knowledge and answer questions. They can teach new tricks and revise strategies to help businesses keep a competitive edge. Sometimes consultants even offer training sessions to the public, or workshops custom-tailored to a business’ needs. Check out the OGx Academy for examples.

Consultants can do the dirty work.

It can be extremely difficult implementing tough decisions alone. Making staff cuts, reorganizing large divisions and other unpleasant tasks can be passed onto an impartial source. Hiring consultants to do the dirty work also allows leaders to focus their attention where it matters most.

Consultants bring new life to an organization.

Resumés filled with diverse work experience, consultants are great at avoiding stagnancy. A consultant is always adapting, and this mindset can be positively encouraging in a workplace that’s lost some of its spirit. It’s very normal for businesses, at some point or another, to require fresh inspiration to get the ball rolling again.

Consultants can help create a new business.

Every industry is different, existing with unique requirements and wisdom. Some consultants are experts in business development and can help boost sales with a fresh vantage point. Just make sure the consultant has a deep understanding of the business’s industry and market.

Consultants can influence other people.

As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Sometimes consultants are hired because of their contacts. With so much experience, consultants can often identify and refer the right person for a job, introduce new clients or partnerships, or attract awareness to a company or project.


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