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Join the X-Tribe



Join the X-Tribe

We are a “Tribe” that is committed to supporting diversity, maintaining a safe and respectful workplace, and unleashing the potential of every team member. Our apprenticeship model and collaborative working style bring amazing opportunities for colleagues at all levels to make an immediate impact. 

OGx consultants are authentic, collaborative, approachable, and passionate about delivering great client work. The experience and connections formed at OGx last a lifetime – as underscored by our huge network of partnerships.


Our Commitments

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are the lifeblood of our culture. We pledge to purposefully recruiting team members from all backgrounds and communities. We are committed to making every team member feel included, safe, and essential to the business as we believe an inclusive culture leads to high levels of engagement, innovation and productivity.

Community Impact

OGx is dedicated to giving back. Comprised of three focus areas, the OGx Impact program invests in communities to provide sustainable impact.

1. Nonprofit Partnerships
We match our employees’ charitable donations dollar for dollar. We also facilitate community service/volunteer events in partnership with nonprofit organizations.

2. Dedication to Future Leaders
The OGx Pathways program provides scholarship, internship, and fellowship opportunities for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

3. Small Business Infusions
OGx Impact Capital focuses on helping to unlock the growth potential of small businesses. This program works with entrepreneurs to deliver social and financial impact by providing seed funding and flexible financing, as well as consulting services and training to develop and implement a transformation plan.

Learn more about the OGx Impact program here.

Career Growth and Learning

Our workforce is passionate, creative and driven with a thirst for ongoing learning. Inside OGx, we understand the essential value of promoting each team member’s growth, education, and skills. As a result, we offer continuous learning support. We’re flexible, not afraid of change and we enjoy sharing the benefits of adaptability with our team and clients alike.

Health and Wellness

We care about the total wellness of our employees’ mind, body and spirit. As well as offering a competitive health package, we also have workplace fitness challenges, wellness sessions, and paid-for gym memberships.


Love Where You Work

My time working at OGx has been pivotal in developing the consulting and project management skill sets necessary to be successful in this field. This quorum of innovative professionals have provided me with cutting edge knowledge, support, and guidance as I navigated a substantial career change. The OGx approach instills confidence in our clients by producing deliverables and results of the highest quality, we always put the client’s needs first. This is a company built upon respect and support and I am honored to be a part of this team!

Tori Copeland

Consultant, OGx Consulting

At OGx, we are intellectually curious, analytically driven, and collaboration focused thus allowing us to push conversations further to uncover unexpected insights and opportunities for the clients we serve.

We are devoted to the Chicago Approach™  to challenge assumptions, demand evidence, and seek truth. This enables us to accurately define problems, ask better questions, and develop better and BOLD solutions for our clients.

Alvin McBorrough

Founder, OGx Consulting


Open Positions

When positions become available, we will post them below. However, if you believe you’d be a good fit at OGx and the following roles don’t suit you, please send us your resumé and contact information anyway for additional consideration – we’re always growing!


Ready to join the team?

If OGx sounds like the type of work environment you’d enjoy, use the link below to submit your resume. OGx is always seeking talented new consultants and contractors. We look forward to hearing from you!

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