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Insights from Alvin McBorrough on Business Growth, AI, and Innovation

Scaling Secrets podcast, by Otter PR, sits down with Alvin McBorrough, Founder and CEO of OGx Consulting, to discuss the impact and potential of AI in business.

Alvin shares his journey from Liberia to entrepreneurship, reflecting on the challenges and growth that led to the start of OGx Consulting. Alvin also discusses the practical applications of AI, including asset management and predictive analytics. In this conversation, we briefly learn how AI can drive efficiency, cost reduction, and innovation in any organization.

Watch the Full Conversation Here: Scaling Secrets Podcast – How to Get Success in Business with AI

Discussion Points

AI’s Transformative Potential

AI stands as the most transformative technology of our time, enabling businesses to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

OGx Consulting’s Approach

Learn how OGx Consulting leverages AI to supplement research efforts, enhance asset management, and drive growth for clients.

Alvin’s Journey

Gain insights into Alvin’s entrepreneurial journey and his vision for OGx Consulting’s role in driving AI adoption and innovation.

Scaling OGx Consulting

Get the behind-the-scenes about the challenges and successes of scaling OGx Consulting, and how strategic decision-making and talent acquisition have been instrumental in its growth.

Keys to Success

Hear Alvin’s perspective on time management, mental health, and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people for success.

Exciting Ventures Ahead

Listen for a teaser into OGx Consulting’s upcoming AI Workshop with thought leaders within the State of Colorado. A co-hosted exclusive event with Google Cloud breaking down the impact of AI on the future of Colorado’s workforce.

Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation with Alvin McBorrough and the Scaling Secrets podcast team. Watch the full episode now and unlock the secrets to success in business with AI.

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