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Helping clients elevate performance by equipping their people with the right skills and capabilities to achieve and deliver sustainable results.


Expert Training

OGx Academy is dedicated to helping clients elevate their performance through experiential learning and result-driven workshops. We know that elevating performance and developing world class talent requires strategic alignment and foresight. Thus, making investments to develop, engage and motivate your employees is not only the right thing to do but the smart thing to do.

To this end, our Academy consists of highly qualified specialists, who all have wide experience in delivering training seminars. Our facilitators and trainers combine strong industry knowledge and practical experience with extensive subject matter gained from daily practice with the ultimate goal of enhancing your people skills and mindsets to unlock your organization’s full potential, while empowering employees to improve the way they work.


How Can We Help?

We help organizations accelerate performance and unlock value through leadership development and capability building at scale, through the following offerings.

Results-Driven Workshops

The OGx Customized Results-Driven Workshops is an innovative approach to consulting. We focus on solving your most pressing challenges in one week or less. Our Results-Driven Workshops are customized to fit your organization’s unique context and develop the right capabilities internally to transform your organization. We work closely with you to customize content and use a variety of building proven approaches to create the best participant experience.


Below are some of the most recent and popular result-driven workshops that we have delivered over the past 12 months:

IT Governance
IT Strategy
Digital Transformation Strategy and Roadmap
Building and Leading a World-Class PMO
Data Management and Governance
Agile Leadership in Management
Tailored RPA Strategy and Deployment

Open Public Training


At OGx we are focused on creating value for you. Our Open Public Training Courses are designed to respond to your organization’s needs and equip your colleagues and employees with knowledge and skills they can apply on their first day back on the job.

All of the courses offered as Open Public Training Courses can be customized for your team and delivered virtually or in-person (post-COVID), in addition to those workshops listed below. This mode can be more cost effective for businesses when several participants need training on a specific topic area.


These courses are designed by our experienced consultants and OGx Academy learning experts, with the singular goal of enhancing the skills and mindsets that matter most to unlock your organization’s full potential, while empowering your employees to improve the way they work.

Below are some of the most recent and popular Open Public Trainings that we have delivered over the past 12 months:

High Performance Leadership
Leading High Performance Organizations
Managing Organizational Change
Advance Project Portfolio Management
Next Generation PMO
Mastering Agile Transformation
Beyond Digital Transformation
Modern Enterprise Architecture
Lean Transformation


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