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For companies at all stages of profitability and maturity, we offer expertise to take you to the next level. With technologies, markets, and customer preferences changing rapidly, you need to deliver your solutions consistently. We bring a deep background in people, product, and process to help you achieve operational excellence. We help you leverage your employees and processes to maximize customer value. Ready for the next step in growth? Our model for acquisition due diligence will find buying opportunities that align with your business, values, and strategy.

Operations Transformation

We utilize our deep and cross-industries knowledge and operational consulting technical expertise, to help our clients reimagine their operations by unlocking the full potential of their organizations, that is focused on building sustainable capabilities and business agility.

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Our Operations Transformation services apply leading-edge solutions to help your organization simplify and streamline operations, elevate customer and employee experience, and accelerate digital transformation. The OGx approach to Operations Transformation includes:

Operations Current State Diagnostics
We assess your current operations system (including processes, digital and analytics, management practices, mindset and behaviors, and capabilities), and size the full improvement potential.

Operations Future State and Road Map
We partner with you to design a coherent vision of the operations system and step-change aspiration, the implementation road map, and a change management strategy to drive your operational improvement.

Business Case and Quick Wins
We co-create business cases and design initiatives to realize vision across dimensions and achieve aspiration. Also, we jointly identify and launch quick wins to deliver immediate business results.

Employee-Led Implementation
We engage all levels of your organization, from the change agent team to the executives, in execution to create ownership. We educate and empower your employees to lead the implementation of identified initiatives.

Change Management and Sustainability
We jointly create a change management process to achieve engagement and change mindset and behaviors across your entire organization. Also, we set up the implementation management process and tools to ensure focus on execution and fast resolution of roadblocks.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence is a philosophy of leadership, teamwork, and problem solving resulting in continuous improvement throughout an organization by focusing on the needs of the customers, empowering employees, and optimizing existing activities in the process. 

We believe that Operational Excellence is a valuable differentiator because it enables a company to achieve breakthrough and measurable performance improvements by focusing on the factors that enhance flexibility and speed to market, quality and reliability, and customer value.

In order to help organizations achieve operational excellence, we have designed a comprehensive toolbox that can be tailored to support each client’s unique situation and successful outcomes.

Business Transformation

From core business processes to corporate functions, we help you review, monitor, and improve your operations. By implementing ways to consistently assess performance, you will be able to receive regular insight and respond quickly. 

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We take a structured approach to build a system that allows you to improve performance across the organization:

Integrated information sourcing (financial, operational, competitive and marketplace);

Definition and implementation of KPIs – based on Strategic Review, e.g. Balanced scorecard;

Implementation of reporting improvement and measurement initiatives;

Definition of Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics support.

Organizational Change Management

Our Organizational Change Management services align people strategies with business strategies and address the human factors affecting an organization’s ability to reach their transformation objectives.

OGx’s Organizational Change Management experts assist clients with managing change effectively, identifying areas of improvement, and implementing performance management strategies. Our team of experts can help organizations design and implement solutions that deliver change interventions to enable the success of the organization’s transformation goals.

Data & Technology Change Management

At OGx, we focus on finding the best solution first. Often that means incorporating better data practices or technology solutions. We don’t recommend those unless we believe it will bring value to your business.

Agile Transformation

At OGx we perceive Agile as a proven approach to help our clients transform their organization, accelerate innovation, and drive sustainable value. Our cadre of expert consultants can help you scale Agile across your entire organization to improve product quality, speed, team collaboration, and become a high performing organization.

Over the years, OGx has developed a proven track record in helping clients transform their organizations into Agile enterprises by focusing on targeted training and capabilities development that ensures long term success for our clients.

Reimagine what’s possible

Working closely with clients, OGx leverages breakthrough thinking, strong facilitation skills, proven strategic models, and extensive implementation.