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AI in Colorado: Friend or Foe? Your Workforce’s Future Awaits

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making waves, changing how we work and live. Colorado’s no different! This exciting technology offers a chance to boost our economy and create new jobs. But let’s be honest, some people remain worried about their current jobs.

A New Report Emerges from a Collaborative Effort

Our recent report, “Empowering the Colorado Workforce with AI,” was co-hosted with Google Cloud, a leader in AI technology. This report explores both the challenges and opportunities AI presents, drawing insights from a workshop we held with thought leaders from Colorado’s public sector.

Here’s the gist:

  • Yes, AI can automate tasks, potentially leading to job changes in some areas. But guess what? It can also create new jobs in fields like AI development and data analysis.
  • The key is to get our workforce ready. We need to train and upskill people on how to work with AI, not be replaced by it.
  • We’re all in this together! The report emphasizes collaboration between businesses, schools, and government to make sure everyone has access to AI training.

Imagine a future where AI helps Coloradans work smarter, not harder. This report lays out a basic roadmap to get us there.

Download it today! Learn more about the specific ways AI can transform industries like publica services and customer service, and learn how you can prepare your workforce for the future.